Friday, October 10, 2014

Finished Project: Arleen's Shawl

I made my buddy Arleen a shawl for work and home =) 

I worked on it at home and in my car at work...I couldn't let her see me working on it right??

Here it is blocking out

Your crazy blogmaster modeling it

I bought her this shawl pin to go with it =)

Started: July 27th 2014
Finished: August 1st 2014
Pattern: Pattern Shawl by Leen Crochet 
Hook: G
Yarn: Stylecraft Special Double Knit
Measures: 23x42 inches

My Notes: 
I had to amend the beginnings and endings of rows bc the chain 6 was giving me issues. I felt that the written directions were not in sync with the chart. Other than that it was a quick pattern and looks well. First time using style craft dk yarn. It was good to work with, thinner than I normally use.

I did not use the boarder for the pattern bc I was having issues figuring it out.
V rows: Where there was a ch 6 I ch 3, placed stitch marker, 1 more ch, then dc.
Shell Rows: Where there was a Ch 6, I Ch 3 then an additional 4 DC.
I am sure with my modifications I added stitches, but that’s ok.

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