Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vendor Table items

These were Pics I took for the announcement Jenn created




The 6 spa baskets:

Here was my crammed little table LOL

Sunday, May 25, 2014

FO: Flower Keyrings

Corrine suggested these for the craft fair and they were a huge hit AND a sell out!
Thank you!!! 
I will be making more of these for the next one!
(If they have another one)

This first one I tested in one strand of yarn the rest were made
holding 2 strands together. 
Arleen was gifted the first one!
She promptly added it to her keys.

They are super quick to make and would also be good for Christmas Ornaments. 

Started & Finished: April 24 2014
Hook: H
Yarn: Lily Sugar n'Cream
Pattern: Flower Crochet Pattern  by Maja Masar
but I modified it a touch. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

FO: Sunrise Spa Basket goodies

Also, considering Mother's day was the weekend after the sale, 
I thought a few spa baskets might sell. 

I think Alma's Mom is the proud owner of this one. There were 6 total.
All were in different colors.
Blue, Yellow, Green & Yellow, Pink, Yellow & Orange and this one:

Wash Cloth

Soap Cozy

Face Scrubby

Also Included: Tea Light candle, Lip Balm, Nail File, a Silk Flower, Hand Lotion, Bath Salt and a Bar of Soap for the cozy. 
All of the items were in a little basket. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FO: Red Shawl

Shawl #3

Started: April 26 2014
Finished: May 2 2014
Hook: K
Yarn: Caron One Pound, Claret
Pattern: Granny Triangle
Measures: 50 x 27 inches, 27 rows

Monday, May 19, 2014

FO: Yellow Shawl

Shawl #2

Started: April 20 2014
Finished: April 21 2014
Hook: J
Yarn: Caron One Pound, Sunflower
Pattern: Granny Triangle
Measures: 48 x 28 inches, 25 rows

Saturday, May 17, 2014

FO: Blue Shawl

It's usually cold in our building so I thought I would make a few shawls to try to sell. 
But that day it was about 100 degrees lol
So I'll let you guess where the shawls are now...
waiting on the next sale haha

Started: April 12 2014
Finished: April 13 2014
Hook: I
Yarn: Caron One Pound, Midnight Blue
Pattern: Granny Triangle
Measures: 50 x 28 inches, 27 rows

Thursday, May 15, 2014

FO: Flower Pin

Since the Vendor fair was just before Mother's day I wanted to make some flower pins. 

They work up in a snap! 
The pattern would be good for embellishments of all sorts. 

I sewed on these buttons....

...and hot glued these! 
It was taking too long to sew them LOL

I made these for Jenn and Tammy as a thank you for helping with my table.

Started & Finished: May 4 2014
Yarn: Lily Sugar N'Cream Cotton
Hook: H

FO: Green Simple Dishcloth

Started & Finished:  April 6 2014
Hook: H
Pattern: Simple Stripes Dishcloth by Doni Speigle
Measures: 8 inches squared

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April Animals



Chet's Selfie

Chet's sleeping selfie








He looks like a little wolf lol



Week of 20th-26th