Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poll From May

The Zig Zag's were the winner!

Traditional Italian Cassata Cake

So I Googled "Cassata Cake" a few weeks ago expecting the one with Strawberries and Custard...yeah to my suprise as I read they consider that kind "Cleveland Cassata". I will still be making that one, but this weekend I made the traditional one. Boy, was it good! It is a sponge cake (that I made from scratch I might add) with a filling that almost tasted like canonoli filling. I torted the cake, but only twice, where I sould have done it 3 times. So instead I used the rest of the filling and iced the top of the cake with it.

Happy Father's Day Hubby June 20th 2010

Hubby got a Special Cake for Father's Day, he loves pool. I got to use my sports ball pan again! =)

Class 2 June 14th

Class 2 @ Michael's was making Fondant/Gum Paste flowers.  They were pretty easy. On a side note, when mixing colors, go light to dark...the yellow I made had specks of green in it. Pink was the last color to mix, I went to work the next day with pink hands. =)



Calla Lily

Brendan's B-day June 11th 2010

Brendan had a Pokemon B-day! =) So of course I bought a new pan again, right? LOVE IT! Its a sports ball  pan. I made Picachu and a Pokeball for him.

New Cake pans!

So Queen Karen got me a new pan set to use, Brand new-at a garage sale, for $1.00!!!! (Pampered Chef too) Sweet!!! I should go Garage Sale-ing to look for fun baking supplies!! Its a 3 Piece set, with the regular Springform Pan, a Bundt insert and a Heart insert. (I'll have to take pics of the set) I can't wait to use it! =)  Thanks Queen Karen!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie June 10th

I harvested my 1st Rhubarb of the season so what else to do but buy strawberries to go with the rhubarb and make pie! Bennie and Grandpa loved it! =)  I had such a hard time with the crust  this time, I followed the recipe, but it seemed like it needed more I couldn't do the lattice weave better.

Taking Cake classes

I signed up at Michael's to take the Fondant and Gum paste Course that they offer for the month of June. It was 1/2 off (good thing too bc I had to purchase a bunch of supplies), I had a $5.00 off coupon, PLUS I get the 2011 Wilton Yearbook for free with the class (I can't wait for it to arrive!!!). Class one was on June 7th and we made fondant wasn't completely it smooshed. I'll make another one to post one day...maybe...

Memorial Day May 31st 2010

Here are the cupcakes I made for Memorial Day , nothing fancy, but yummy!