Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve's Eve

Its been like Santas workshop over here!!!
9 pumpkin rolls, and a ton of cookies...hopefully I will be able to post pics soon!! =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hunter's 5th birthday!!!

December 11th was the party.

U know u like it... haha

Dec 3 2009

Everyone's favorite car!!! Lightening McQueen!! Ka-Chow...haha


Well that was my on to the 1st half of December!!!

MMM Pumpkin roll

I make the best pumpkin roll ever, well besides my mom.

Nov 22 2009

Another Birthday,
Another Elmo!!! =)

Cake #2 and #3

The other 2 were of the same character, ELMO!!!

3 cakes

I had 3 cakes to make in one week.

This one was for a 16th bday on Nov 14th.

Here I am

Ok So it's been a while so I have a bit of blogging to do!

I did a BABY SHOWER cake for Nov 1st. Before and after the binkie. =)


It's been way too long for my not to post pics!!! =(