Friday, November 30, 2012

Audio Book

This had to be the coolest thing ever in the Audio Book world...
I have an app that I use to listen to audio books on my phone, but I had to order one from the library...
and this is how it came...

I never saw anything like it.
See it's smaller than a mouse. It also is angled so it fits in a pocket great.
Way easier than having to tote around a book on CD, that can have up to 10 disks.

You can control volume, speed of the reader, and flip through chapters. 
I need to order more like this =)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Scarf and Wrist warmers

I used a new to me technique on my KK Loom, the double knit.
Super quick and easy to make.   <--- a="a" here="here" on="on" p="p" s="s" tutorial="tutorial" youtube="youtube">

However the wristers are a little big...the yarn was different from the other ones I have made.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Connection 2012 11/17/2012 plus Recipe

Q and I bummed around the Christmas Connection last Saturday.
And I thought LAST year was crowded...OMG you could hardly walk...

See our plane? It was our continental flight out of town...but we missed it...  LOL

Statue outside of the buliding

This wheel usually spins...not so much this year

Big Santa


The cool star things as you walk in

It wasn't snowing inside the building this year like last year...

I don't know what was with this was chopped off to fit maybe?

And now~ Q's favorite part of the IX Center...


Q says....

The view from the platform waiting to be seated

Love the backdrop

Here's a clip from the's about 15 seconds per revolution

UNCLE DICK!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Fox 8 Cleveland weatherman was there as we were leaving, Dick Goddard.

A Train as we were on our way home. 
Actually we stopped to do some Christmas shopping for hubby, then home...

Hot Dogs in a blanket for dinner
You just get some Crescent Rolls and roll a hot dog in 'em =)

Q and Hubby like Velveeta so we also had that with dinner.