Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wellingtons with Recipe 10/20/12

So for Sweetest Day this year I made my guys Easy Beef Wellingtons.

This year though I couldn't find cheap filet like usual. So instead Q and I found Beef loin for a pretty decent price. When you open a loin- it is in two parts which is why this looks like so much food LOL.
Puff Pastry already comes 2 sheets in a package so it worked out perfect. 
The Beef Loin was $14.00 and they Puff Pasrty was $5.00- we got all of this for $20.00 and we were content after- oh and I made baked potatoes. =)

I would totally do it this way again.

1. Brown the beef in butter and season however your normally season steak (4 mins a side)
2. Roll out your already thawed Puff Pastry so your meat fits
3. Put your browned meat in the Pastry
4. Pour the buttery goodness from the fry pan over the meat 
5. Wrap up the meat

Put in the oven for 20-30 minutes (depending on how you like your meat cooked)
30 was good for me- not very pink
20 would have been good for Hubby LOL (Next time =) )

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