Monday, April 30, 2012

Go check out this blog! =)

This is my friend Brandy's new blog! Go check her out! She offers tons of great advice/tips on exercise, low fat/cal food & snack options, recipes and more.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plants at work

I went from having my own corner office in August of 2011 to having a cube on a cube farm.
I went from banking to health care and have never looked back. =)
I don't typically talk about where I work on my blog.

But I like it- better hours (weekends off) and benefits-which if you know me, I need those.
I decide when I want to go in (anywhere from 6am-9am-but not 9:01am!)

If you hear my hubby talk about it, he tells people how I wear jeans to work everyday and tennis shoes~
if I decide to wear shoes at all, and how I work only 4-5 hours on Friday. All of which is very true!!!
Anyway on to my plants lol.

This is my newest plant to add to my area.
They offer just the plants- to plants already in containers.
My co-workers and I opted for the Plant only option because they are cheaper.
I cannot take credit for originally finding the bamboo, nor the purchase of mine. 

Here is is in it's new glass container.
I bought Clear Glass disks, with some Red and Green to accent.
I think I will need to get some more tho to ensure it stays up.

I also added these green deco balls that are all the rage now in the plant world.
I bought mine at the Cleveland Home and Garden show Feb 2012, 
for another bamboo plant I bought there. (Pics below) 

These "new" deco balls crack me up, let me tell you why.
I bought these so called deco balls years ago for Q from Steve Spangler Science
 when the Mentos Volcano was all the rage. 
I got a ton, in different sizes for cheap.
Now they are everywhere, and a lot more than what I originally paid for them. 

They are super tiny. Then you hydrate them in water then- Bam!
You can kinda see in the pic below that they get to be the size of a marble once fully hydrated. 

Below are all three of my plants that give my area fresh oxygen. 
And we need it because all we do is gab all day! LOL
I am surprised they aren't huge from all the carbon dioxide they take in from us. ;)

Hopefully the bamboo will start to straighten out- from the looks of it, it was reaching toward a light.
I now have it in the opposite direction in an effort to "fix" it. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Testing my new phone app

Wrist Warmers

I made two sets of wrist warmers for winter.
They are very quick to make on the Knifty Knitter Blue Circle Loom.

I used a soft yarn I found on sale at Joann Fabrics.
I like using multi-colored yarn because I get the effect of the different colors
without having to tie in new yarn all the time.

Here are the two sites below I used.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Contest for Calvino!

Hi All!!

There are not many days left to vote for Calvino!!!
So Text to vote or click on Calvino's name and tell all of your friends!!!!

Text CV8963 to 73822 to cast your vote!

When the results are in~I'll let you know where he ended up!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

peta2's 2012 Cutest Vegetarian Alive | Contestant |

Last year I asked all of you to pop by PETA and vote for my little buddy Calvino!
Well the time is here again and he was SO close last year!
Please take a sec and go vote for him
via text or online. This is round one.

Please click the link below to see his profile and vote online or

Text CV8963 to 73822 to cast your vote!

Looks like you might be able to text one time daily.

That you all for your support!!!

Crazy Cats 3

Mini tippin'!
The Brothers, again.

Grace checking in on the boys.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Crazy Cats

Spaz Covered

Spaz Chillin'

Isn't he the cutest thing?? =)
He has always loved sleeping under the tree.

Gracie and Spaz

Gracie licking cream from her nose

Chet licking cream from his face...idk how it got all over him.

Chet and Gracie