Sunday, July 25, 2010

I almost forgot!!!

Oh, I don't know HOW I forgot this!!!


Check it out!!!

It finally came on 7/21/2010 and  it definitely took every bit of 7 weeks for it to come in the mail...It was only coming from 20 miles away...and wouldn't you know it had Toy Story themed ideas in it...oh well...

But I did see a new cake pan I want!!!!

Caleb's 3rd Birthday!! July 22, 2010

Buzz Light Year to the Rescue!!!

Caleb's Cupcake's

In addition to the cake I also made cupcakes. =)

My new stand!

I love my new stand, I finally had the opportunity to use it for Caleb's cake. It was very helpful to keep all my bags together.

Filled Cupcakes

Hubby asked me to make him some of my filled cupcakes for him to take to work for someone's birthday. He was sad...he only got 2. =(

These are the after pics. The one on the bottom had a cream cheese frosting. My co-workers even got to try some.

Green Velvet Cake: Before

Here are the before pics of the Green Velvet Cake...yes it was really that might have even been brighter in person...

Pampered Chef Pans

So here are the pans that Poker Queen got me!!! Love them. Now I have to use them. I was going to use them for the Green Velvet Cake I made, but it didnt have a crust and I didn't want the batter to leak out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Velvet Cakes

So Hubby and I were watching Cupcake Wars, and one of the contestants were making Blue Velvet Cupcakes. So not knowing there were other color "velvet" cake you could make, I googled it. You can make every color under the sun! Today I am trying to make Green Velvet Cake. I got the recipe from this blog and adjusted it a bit:  

So we will see how it comes out! It looked like the color of Oscar the Grouch!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh yeah

Just in case anyone is keeping track, no I still have not received my New Wilton Year book even tho it only got mailed into Strongsville...

4th of July 2010 part 2

Then I made Brownies and Brownie Bites. Joe-D never had a thick brownie before so I made some. I also made a pan of regular brownies for BFF Stealer (omg I'm gonna be laughing for a long time ab that one) She was making death by chocolate, that actually my assistant ended up making once we got to their

The Left one was Regular, the Right one was Xtra Thick and gooey...I wish I had some now...

Glad I had one before everyone else saw them...I only got to eat one.

4th of July 2010

I made a lot of dessert for the 4th...some with the help of my assistant.

My assistant made the lemon meringue pie

I made Lemon Meringue Pie minis...good thing I ate one at home, bc when they made it to their final destination...I didn't get any haha.

July 2 2010 B-day cake

So after my tester cake I ended up making a cake for the Mom of BFF and BFF Stealer for her B-Day.
(hahaha u know I love you BFF lol) It was the Strawberry Cassata Cake. It was BIG.

Class 4 Final Cake

We worked on a boarders and we also learned how to cover a cake with Fondant. The rest of the class we spent decorating the cake. This cake doubled as a B-day cake for my neice Reanne who is here from South Carolina.

Here are the flowers I made on June 28th during the storm I was oblivious to.

June 28th 2010 Part 2

Here are the Strawberry Cassata Cupcakes. I did 3 variations, all are filled with custard and topped with a fresh homemade whipped topping. might be poll time again!

Strawberries Mixed in the frosting      Topped with a Strawberry            Strawberry Jam under the frosting

June 28th 2010

I had a busy Sunday! I made a Strawberry Cassata Cake aka the Cleveland Cassata Cake, Strawberry Cassata Cupcakes, and Flowers for my final class. Here are the Cake Pics! (I'll have to make separate posts for the others) It tasted like a big Strawberry Short Cake, if you like that sort of thing, lol.

Class 3 June 21st

So Class 3 was a short class...I was the only one there. We made 3 flowers: A Mum, a Ruffled Calla Lily and a Daisy. My favorite was the Daisy.


Ruffled Calla Lily