Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 3rd 1st Bday

Happy 1st Birthday Jayliah!!! Her mom tried to make me think I spelled her name wrong....I knew I was right, I saved the evidence.

This cake had a Tiara and a wand on it, but I didn't get pics of that.

Feb 27th Tea Party

All of these were for a teaparty/birthday party on Feb 27th. There were 131 total desserts.

51 Mini Bundt Cakes
56 Mini Cupcakes
24 Regular Cupcakes

You see the 7 orangey ones in the center? (Yes, I really did say orangey) I had some technical difficulties....but thank goodness for Xtra Cupcakes!!!!

Go ahead, count 'em, they are all there, all 131 of them. I love cupcakes! =)

Valentines Cookie 2/13/2010 Pics

I think this big cookie turned out better than the 1st one I did. I was told it was a big hit!! =) Chocolate Chip Cookies and I don't mix some days, lol.

Master Tip Set Pics

This is what my new Master Tip Set looks like, it is WAY cool!!!!