Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mom's Mother's Day Dinner

NOTICE: if you are a vegetarian reading this skip the first pics...

We went to my Mom's on Saturday to celebrate Mother's day.

We went down to Cleveland's West Side Market to pick up some fresh Steak for her. 
(and Cannoli for us =) )

We also went to Penzy's Spices to get some steak seasoning. 

I get the Penzy's magazine in the mail and they sometimes send out Freebie Coupons or $5 off of $10...things like that. So far this year I have gotten a free jar of Cinnamon Sugar and a $5 off of $10.
The most recent mag had a Free Ruth Ann's Muskego Ave Chicken and Fish Seasoning 1/2 cup jar.
Way cool! You don't have to purchase anything to get it, but really? Like I am not going to look around and buy more anyway haha. Since we were already going for steak seasoning it worked out well. =)
On this trip I also bought 1 lb of Kosher salt, a glass jar to put it in, and some garlic and onion powder.
The magazine is also like a mini cookbook because they put a decent amount of recipes in it too.
Of course it is in the hopes you go there any buy the seasoning to make the food...
But over all the prices aren't that bad, and it is cool because they offer small sizes~ you don't have to buy a large jar to find out you don't like it. 

Anyway, off of that soap box...where was I...
Oh yeah the "half of cow" we bought at WSM...
In quotes because those weren't my words...

I'll let you salivate and won't ruin the pics with words lol.

Or discuss how much meat is actually here...
**cough, cough, 6.5 lbs approx, cough**

And yes they were as awesome as they look.

Next. Below you will see a pic of the neighbors house across the street.
You see that yellow thing? 
They have Black and Gold Flamingos in front of their house...

So we (and by we I mean I bought them and Hubby did the rest, lol)
made mom her very own Orange and Brown Flamingos!!

They did not make it to the front yard as of the time we left so once installed I will have to update. =)

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