Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Stuff! PUNCH CUT DECORATE Supplies

I got all sorts of fun stuff from Michael's!

Here is the Punch Cut Decorate press unit. I got this at Joann Fabrics.

The rest I got from Michael's.

Here is the swirl insert.

Here is the flower insert.

These are the sugar sheets you can buy to use for the press.
You can also use fondant and roll that out.
I think these sheets would also be really good in the Cake Cricut, and they are cheaper.

Chef Duff came out with more products!
These looked so cool, I had to have them lol.
Silver and Gold Air Brush Color!

I already have the larger wires he came out with, but he came out with a few more.
These are curly.

These are a smaller version of the cake ones I have.
These are for cupcakes.

These jewels decorate the wires.

Here is everything, washed waiting to be used!

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