Saturday, September 25, 2010

Canned Pumpkin

There hasn't been pumpkin on the shelves in about FOREVER because of the pumpkin shortage last year. I even read an article that at one point Libby's only had an inventory of 6-29 oz. cans...yikes. I get a call from BFF a few night ago saying thet her Giant Eagle in Parma has some...not a lot, but some. I went to mine today and bought the last 3 large cans they had on the shelf.

So, if you or anyone you know is interested in some yummy pumpkin rolls, let me know! I'll be making some next weekend! (Oct 2-3)  I can smell them already.

Jumbo Cupcakes

Hubby needed cupcakes for work for an employee's birthday, so I used my new $8.50 cupcake pan. It makes 4 jumbo cupcakes. I need to figure out a better way to transport them...they were too top heavy and 5/8 fell over!! Oops...they still taste good tho =).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Pan!

I got a new cake pan for my birthday!!! =)   (For those of you playing along and taking score, you would be correct if you said that it is not my birthday for another 50 days or so) Not that anyone is counting or anything... It is a BIG COOKIE! (I made one I just have to post pics, it looked like a big chocolate stuffed o-r-e-o) It is silicone and it rocks. Sis in law gave it to me early so I didn't go out and buy it and she had already gotten if for me. Good call bc I had an email saved from food network so I could order it.

It is similar to the pan in the amazon link above.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My new cupcake pans

I already have plans for my new $8.75 pan =) I think I do at least, we will see if I have time. I have a house warming party to go to Sunday, and I saw the cutest idea on to make a house using the Jumbo Cupcake pan and one of the smaller ones to make a 2 story house! Maybe now that I blogged about it, I might actually do it, haha,. you know, since I put it out there for all of cyber space to see.

Pumpkin Roll Season

This weather is sure making me want to make pumpkin rolls. I hope they get canned pumpkin on the shelves soon! I do have one large can...I might have to bust it open soon and make 5 rolls. After pumpkin roll season is done, I think I am going to take the proceeds and get me an airbrush to use on cakes and other bakery. =)  o if anyone wants to contribute to the Ang wants air brush fund, let me know. lol

New Cake pans!

So I made all of these cake, time for more pans! I got a SMOKIN' deal on cake pans when were were in West Virginia over the weekend at AC Moores. 50% off of Wilton Cake pans. I got a Pumpkin pan, a pan that makes 6 small ones, and the Dimensions Multicavity Cupcake pan. LET ME JUST TELL YOU, that the cucpake pan is originally $34.99, so 50% off was $17.50 <--- HOWEVER they had to do a price adjustment so I could get the original 50% off. Once the girl did the price adjustment for $17.50 (she didn't do it as a sale) I had a 50% off coupon to use and got the 50% off of the $17.50 and in the end got a $34.99 cake pan...for 8.75. =)  Oh Yeah, go me!

Addison's Matching Cake

I modified a cake pan I have and added legs.

My aunt  says I can use this cake for someone with the initials JOL =)

See, it's just not the same w/o the tongue.

Addison's 1st Birthday 9/4/2010

All these were for my little friend Addison's 1st birthday. Here are the finished cupcakes.

Look! All 24. LOVE THEM!!

The orphanage

So you have to imagine that there are 24 of these little dudes on this tray until I can get a USB Port to DL the pic from my phone. I didn't take the pic with the camera...duh. Probably bc I was laughing so hard at the txt I sent to Hubby. It was a pic of all 24 of the froggers that said DADDY!!!! under was pretty funny....I'm still laughing. I miss them!!! 
BTW, yes they are edible and if put in a box in a cool area will last for a long time. They might lose their color, but they will keep.


I SO wish I could take credit for these frogs, but I can't. I got the idea from cupcake07 on cake central, if you type in frogs in the search these will come up. Are they not the cutest things EVER!!!

These were the 1st tester froggers

Aug 30th

I had a request to make a Chocolate Birthday cake with the stick people like you see on the back window  of cars.


Jaiden's Birthday cake 2010

Here was Jaiden's actual cake, it was Ming on the fly boat in the sky.  Those clouds did NOT want to stay on the cake! But they stayed on for the pictures and for the birthday girl blowing out her candles so thats what mattered. =)

Jaiden's 3rd Birthday!!

Jaiden had a Wonder Pets Birthday
August 27th 2010, she had a Cake and a Giant Cookie. That was probably one of THE BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. Nice and soft...mmmm.
These are the Prep Pics, lol. It was a very primary color cookie.

Here was the Wonder Pets Logo Cookie! =)


So I really haven't been slacking...well not completely! I have been making cakes....really!! Just haven't had time to blog about here come a whole bunch of posts all at once!! =) Hahaha