Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plants at work

I went from having my own corner office in August of 2011 to having a cube on a cube farm.
I went from banking to health care and have never looked back. =)
I don't typically talk about where I work on my blog.

But I like it- better hours (weekends off) and benefits-which if you know me, I need those.
I decide when I want to go in (anywhere from 6am-9am-but not 9:01am!)

If you hear my hubby talk about it, he tells people how I wear jeans to work everyday and tennis shoes~
if I decide to wear shoes at all, and how I work only 4-5 hours on Friday. All of which is very true!!!
Anyway on to my plants lol.

This is my newest plant to add to my area.
They offer just the plants- to plants already in containers.
My co-workers and I opted for the Plant only option because they are cheaper.
I cannot take credit for originally finding the bamboo, nor the purchase of mine. 

Here is is in it's new glass container.
I bought Clear Glass disks, with some Red and Green to accent.
I think I will need to get some more tho to ensure it stays up.

I also added these green deco balls that are all the rage now in the plant world.
I bought mine at the Cleveland Home and Garden show Feb 2012, 
for another bamboo plant I bought there. (Pics below) 

These "new" deco balls crack me up, let me tell you why.
I bought these so called deco balls years ago for Q from Steve Spangler Science
 when the Mentos Volcano was all the rage. 
I got a ton, in different sizes for cheap.
Now they are everywhere, and a lot more than what I originally paid for them. 

They are super tiny. Then you hydrate them in water then- Bam!
You can kinda see in the pic below that they get to be the size of a marble once fully hydrated. 

Below are all three of my plants that give my area fresh oxygen. 
And we need it because all we do is gab all day! LOL
I am surprised they aren't huge from all the carbon dioxide they take in from us. ;)

Hopefully the bamboo will start to straighten out- from the looks of it, it was reaching toward a light.
I now have it in the opposite direction in an effort to "fix" it. 

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