Thursday, October 16, 2014

America's Roller Coast, Part 1

I had the opportunity to go to Cedar Point with Mrs Jennifer, her small fries Owen and Amelia, and her Dad Don in August =)
We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Low 70's, Sunny and the park was not over crowded at all. 

Enjoy the tour.

The waterway to the park

Look! There it is!

In the parking lot

Walking to the Gate

Snoopy shop! 
Where I bought a HUGE mug for work!

Prior to this ride, Jennifer and I rode the Gemini. It was the very first thing we did...and I promptly lost my sunglasses! haha We were waiting for this ride below and she said "Why don't you put your sunglasses on?" .... and I said "Because I must have lost them on the Gemini." HAHAHA 
They were in my pocket. They were a cheap pair so it's all good. 

The M&M's car and the #18 car, at the Peanut's 500

Jennifer and Amelia

Owen on the Red Baron

Us munching while waiting for Jennifer and her dad to ride the Maverick.

We walked around while waiting and stumbled across this...

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