Monday, October 20, 2014

America's Roller Coast, Part 3

At some point we went on Camp Bus...but since I was on that ride, no pics. They frown upon taking pictures while riding for some reason. 

Smile for the camera!

Amelia taking photos . We were going to do one with all 3 of us, while Owen and Don were on the Matterhorn, but Amelia wanted to take the picture instead. 

During this last leg of the tour, Jennifer and Don rode the Raptor, so we hung out and rode some more kid rides =)

LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! I could pinch her cheeks off,

We had such a fun time! I enjoyed myself very much. I am not really a rider so it worked out well. 
I was glad I was able to go hang out for the day with them! Thanks for inviting me!!! ♥
I hope I earned my keep!!! ;)

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