Monday, June 22, 2015

Mini Chicken Pot Pies, with Recipe

If you google Mini Pot Pies- the same recipe appears online at Pillsbury, Allrecipes and Food

I feel like everyone I know has been making these lately, so I had to try them for myself. 
Note to self- next time you canned veg not frozen...I am not a frozen veg fan so I a
don't know what I was thinking. 

So easy- only 4 ingredients:
Grands Biscuits, Frozen Veg mix, Cream of Chicken soup and some cooked chicken

Mix up the Veg, Chicken and soup

Mash the biscuits to make them a bit bigger and smoosh them into the cupcake pan

Put the filling into the biscuits

Try to pinch them together haha

I would make them again...can veg lol. These are nice and portable for lunches- Mrs G had them for lunch a few weeks ago at work. =)

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