Friday, March 27, 2015

FO: Lisa's Shelly Scarf

I decided I wanted to make  a scarf for one of my favorite peeps, Lisa. This pattern started making the rounds on Ravelry and I thought it was perfect. I was even gifted a beautiful fun Shelly for Christmas ;) After consulting with her son Calvin, hubby and I went to Michael's to pick out the perfect yarn. I gave it to her 3/21/15 and she loved it! I asked Calvin if it should be a regular scarf or an Infinity. He said he didn't think she had any infinity she does now! =-) 

I enjoyed making the pattern, though I modified the ends to make them straight. The pattern calls for them to bump out. 

These pictures are close to the true colors of the yarn

Started: March 1 2015
Finished: March 3 2015
Yarn: Unforgettable in Stained Glass
Hook: J
Measurements: 5 x oops...didn't get a final measurement
at the last time I measured it was 50 inches. 

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