Monday, July 7, 2014

Cookies with Kate

Kate wanted to decorate cookies for her graduation present from us! =)
We had her over 6/28/14 for a cookie extravaganza!!
She had stopped over a few weeks ago and was able to pick out what cookie cutters she wanted to use.
There were 19 total, but then I went and bought an elephant (her favorite animal) and a rocket (the school logo) 
***apparently she had been asking Q for months when I was going to make cookies again because she wanted to come help decorate...and he JUST told us about it in MAY....
So I busted out all of the sanding sugars....
and Q helped me make the icing. 

I am not sure how many cookies I baked off.
(there were a minimum of 3 per cookie cutter and some I know had several more) ,
Here are most of the decorated cookies!
The Purple and Pink tie was Q's favorite

I made the spotted elephant from Rudolph.
Daisy is Kate's dog. 

I love Kate's Patriotic Tie!!!
AND Q's Irish Dress he decorated.

I can't wait to see what we come up with next time!!!

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