Monday, January 5, 2015

Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup, with recipe

Hi All!

Here is a new recipe I made recently! I found it in a Fix it and Forget it cookbook from the library...but I don't remember which one. However, Taste Of Home online has the exact recipe, HERE.  I really enjoyed this recipe, as did Mom, Arleen and Q. 

Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup

6 Cups of Milk (I used 2%)
3- 10 3/4 Oz Cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
3 Cups of Cooked Shredded Chicken (about 1 lb.)
1-8 Tbsp of your favorite Wing/Hot Sauce, depending on how hot you like it
*you can also not add it, and let your diners add it when they eat

 Combine Milk, Soups and Chicken in slow cooker until smooth.
Cover and cook on Low for 4-5 hours.
When there is about 30 minutes left, stir in the Sour Cream & Wing/Hot Sauce, cover and continue to cook until warmed through. 

**And because I thought this would be good almost stew like I added some cornstarch to thicken it up....oh and made pasta of course.  =)

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