Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday July 21st 2012 pt1

Look at my Beautiful Hibiscus!!
Not 20 minutes before I took this pic, were Hubby and I talking about all the blooms 
that were unopened on this plant, haha. 

Q had this idea last weekend that he wanted to plant green beans-mid July...
So Grandpa gave him 8 bean seeds to plant, 5 had popped up at the time of this shot.
However we were gone not even 2 hours in the afternoon after this and another seed sprouted as well.

Here are our front yard hibiscus.

Our Trumpet flower behind the holly:

All the soon to be in bloom flowers. 

I re-potted some shamrocks for some coworkers that have started to bloom:

Our steaks from the West side market. =)

Some Mangos and Granny Smith Apples.
Hubby is making an apple pie with those 6.5 lbs of Apples

3/4.99 Fresh Strawberries (SMELLED TERRIFIC)
Baby Grapes

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