Thursday, July 19, 2012

Karleigh's cake

I was recommended to make a graduation cake for a former coworkers niece.
She wanted a 3 tier marble cake-with photos on the cake, similar to 

So I rolled out fondant, made stars and colored with edible markers.
Then rolled out black fondant to resemble a film strip, 
and made the white panels with the white fondant.

Typically I bake the cakes in my kitchen then take them to my cake room upstairs. 
My assistant, Q was my runner if I needed anything. =)

Q and I delivered the cake to Avon- about a 35-40 minute drive. 
So we get all the way there without incident. Then pull in the driveway...
There was a huge curb from the street to the driveway apron and the cake smashed in on itself...
the frosting between the layers was goobin' out all over...

after a quick fix, we assembled the cake and away we went. 

They were impressed with Q's extensive knowledge 
of the types of frosting that can be used on a cake.

Congrats Karleigh!!!

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