Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mississippi Pot Roast, with Recipe

Mississippi Pot Roast

Cheryl sent me this recipe a while back and I just go to making it...and I am glad I did! Not something that will be in the monthly rotation, but I would like it to be! haha. If you google the recipe title you will find many recipes out there for this, with a few variations. The main ingredients are the same...all 4 of them. YEP only 4 ingredients! 


1 pkg Dry Ranch dressing mix
1 pkg Au Jus dry mix
1 stick of butter
1 3-5 lb roast

Put the roast in the pot. Sprinkle the dry mixes on the roast. Put the stick of butter on top. That's it. The recipes also say not to add water...but I added 1/4 cup. Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours. 
I served this with rice and potatoes. I preferred having the rice and Hubby likes the potatoes. 

I would totally make this again. I am thinking you can probably make it without the butter- and in that case just add liquid...might have to try it.

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