Friday, November 8, 2013

FO Friday: Aunt Karen's Tuscan Kitchen

I made a few things for Aunt Karen's Tuscan themed Kitchen/Dining Room

Hubby and I picked colors that represent this plate in her Dining room.

I used a J hook on all projects.
Yarn Used: 

Dish Drainer Towel
(Measures 22/24ish x 16)
Beginning chain was 60 sts, used DC sts. 
This particular photo seems to be the only one to reflect the true color of the yarn =/

Set of 4 dish rags
(so now she will be set for a while-she wore out the old ones I made her) 
(Measures from 7 in squared to 9 inch) 

Hubby suggested a table runner for the Dining Room table
(Measures 35x7 inches) 

I hope to get these mailed this week.

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