Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Connection 11/23/2013

This weekend, November 22-24th, 

Q and I went as usual on Saturday...but we has TWO guests this time!!! 
Since it was on a weekend he wasn't here it was decided he would drive up 
with his girlfriend K (so I could meet her too) and 
we would all go to the Connection- Hubby went too! 

Here are the past years festivities:
I must not have blogged when we went in 2010? 

Big Santa

It was "snowing" 
(Soap bubbles lol)

The very large tree

The Ferris Wheel-as usual
Our guests joined us as well...
Therefore there are no pics of Q...
I didn't want K to think I was a complete weirdo on the first visit! 

The view

At one point it started making weird noises and bouncing...
They reversed the wheel and all went well.

Signs with Mine and Q's name-spelled correctly

Hubby got me a charm bracelet for my birthday

The Left half are the ones that it came with, the Right side and the small bag are
 the ones I bought at the event.
K left with her own bracelet too.

Then we went and ate at Rockne's! MMMMM

Hopefully we get to hang out with K again soon! =) 


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