Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Store and Project- FO: Fall Spiral

I was so excited to find a new Local yarn Shop in the area!
I had to go immediately.
The store is called Crochet Innovations.
I liked being able to go into a store that was maily Crochet-bc most all of them focus on Knitting...
I don't knit. 
I met the owner, she was very pleasant and helpful
The store was pretty busy because it was part of the Annual Yarn Discovery Tour
I can't wait to go back again soon!!! 

oooo look at it =)

I have a hand sanitizer cozy to try to make using this : 

I saw several Shawl Pins Online I liked but once at the store I bought this one.

Fall Spiral Scarf
I started as soon as I got home from the shop...

Berroco Vintage Yarn: Purple
Berroco Vintage Chunky Yarn: Green
**I didn't mean to get one chunky and one regular...**
Hook: K
Start:: 9/13/13
Finished: 9/15/13
I had run out of the Green a bit earlier than I had wanted...