Thursday, October 17, 2013

FO: Owls for Allison and Mila

My cousin is into Owls so I made her a Christmas Ornament :

Scrap Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
H Hook
he is about 5 inches tall and stuffed with scrap yarn tails
Started and Finished in 2 hours: 9/21/13
**Sew the eyes on BEFORE stuffing**

Whoooo's Keepin' Warm this Winter? Mila is! =)

My first hat!!
So on our trip Aunt Karen see's one of these in the store and says- You can make this...
so I did and will be sending it to my cousin's daughter soon.

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn scraps
Hook: H
Pattern: Owl Hat
Started and Finished on 9/22/13
**the ear flaps were a bit prickly to crochet**


  1. Those are so awesome, girl!! A most excellent job on your first hat!