Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunday with Jamal

Sunday Dec 9th Jamal, myself and a few friends went to 
Bizarre Bizarre at W 78th St Studio.

I passed this little guy once and was on the fence about giving him a home...
then Jamal had to go back to purchase a bracelet and I just had to have him...
The store was called Snow
There was this cool spoon necklace too....but I restrained myself.

I have never attempted to make an Amigurumi before- I'm not that talented.
So I supported a fellow crafter who can! =)

ISN'T he CUTE!!!!!

***Nice photo bomb in the back know he is trying to plot to eat him already...
he has a slight yarn fetish....

Side note...look at my wax melter... =) Awe

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