Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Huggie 1

Our new pet!  And no it's not a cat.

He is a Sugar Glider and Hubby named him Huggie

A quick overview:
He won't get any bigger than 6 inches
He eats a dry kibble but also enjoys fruits and veggies, and the cats ears...
He has a cage with a hamster wheel and a heat lamp, he has a lower body temp than we do. 
There is no bedding like a hamster or ferret, so he doesn't smell.
He should to come out for at least 2-3 hours a day as he is a social animal, 
as long as he is with one of us it doesn't matter if he is sleeping or playing.
He is a marsupial that has been domesticated for over 10 years.
Oh and he has gliders like a flying squirrel so when he jumps, lets say from Hubby to me,
he spreads out his arms and legs and catches the air and glides in the air.

I think that's about it- here are some pics- and I will be posting a few more. 

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