Friday, August 17, 2012

AT&T dissatisfaction AGAIN

Really-? Because I didn't think it could get worse...

So as stated in my prior blog post- the rep told hubby that we had to call the billing department once the internet came back on to see if they were going to do any adjustments for being without internet for 4 days.

Call the number, got through to a rep pretty quick...I explain the situation and they said provided what I said was true they could refund us each day we were without internet...they first quoted $25.00, then retracted it...we get a $5.00 refund for being inconvenienced for 4 days. BUT they had to contact the tech dept to make sure I didn't make that up...REALLY?! FOR FIVE FRIGGIN DOLLARS!?!?!?!?  

OK whatever....
FOR A $5.00 REFUND ?!?!?

Awesome customer service...

I was on with AT&T for 30 minutes total for, FIVE BUCKS....NOT WORTH MY TIME.
Especially considering Hubby was on hold for FORTY MINUTES the 1st time around.

THEN... (yeah it get's better)

I see online they have an offer for home phone and internet for $37.00, mind you we pay $38.00 alone for internet. So I inquire..."that's for new customers only...but since you are a Premium Customer (or something like that, maybe Preferred, I can't remember I'm so aggravated) we can offer you 2 android phones and I can set that up right now it won't take long." (RIIIIIGHT,  Ummm I was asking about lowering my bill not new cell service) ...  So I say, why to transfer my home phone to a cell? (Bc remember I was talking about HOME Phone)
 "Oh, no, who's your cell phone provider?"

Wait for it....

AT&T  **Angie shakes head**

"Oh, well...ok. Have I answered all of your questions?"

I was not about to ask ANYTHING else...nice of the rep to try to find me a deal since I am a "Premium" customer.

I hope I get a survey to fill out....

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