Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AT&T internet service DISAPPOINTMENT

ETA: So Lori told me this never posted...This should have posted 8/15/12...but apparently my ATT cell phone decided it didn't want to send this thru the 3G connection either....

So here we are without Internet for 48 hours thus far. I am using the data up on my phone to type this.
Yesterday hubby calls AT&T and the automated service says: if you are calling about service issues we are working on the problem so don't speak to a rep because they can't help you.
Today hubby calls back and that message is gone. 40 mins later he gets a rep who says this is a nationwide issue with no eta on when this will get fixed. However i don't know anyone else having this problem. He than asks if there will be any reimbursement for the inconvenience of no service and she says nope probably not.... Really? How non customer service oriented can you be?
Not to mention we have been having issues since June and there resolution was buy a new router. So clearly that wasn't the issue and we could have kept our old one and saved a few bucks.

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