Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicken quesadilla recipe

Chicken Quesadilla night!!

Here's the most wanted list:
Shredded Cheese, Sour cream, Tortillas

(Italian Rose Fresh Salsa, Sam's Club)

Meat: I use Sam's Club Beef and Chicken Fajita meat
Quick, easy, precooked and already seasoned.
It also helps the cooking go a little faster.
You might remember the Beef Fajita from his starring roll here.

Its not necessary but I also use White Cheese Mexican Style Dip from Sam's club too.
**Clearly we made a Sam's Club run recently haha and they did not pay me to endorse them**

I mix up 2 batches, one for me without a lot of the Mexican Cheese Dip
and one for the guys with a lot of it.

I mix the meat (Usually Chicken or beef separately, not mixed together), Cheeses, sour cream til combined.

Then slap it on a tortilla and smoosh it down. 
Making sure to leave some room to groove around the edge. 



I spray my pan with cooking spray then toss the tortilla in.
Cook on Medium heat. 

Cook til golden on one side them carefully flip. Should take but a few minutes.

Since I can only cook one at a time 
I put the oven on warm and load them up in there to stay warm.

MMM I want one now...

Here's how my guy's eat theirs.
 (Clearly one had already been smashed  consumed prior to me remembering I needed a pic)
They slather on some sour cream then add some salsa on.
I eat mine plain. =)