Sunday, September 20, 2015


He is something least I think he is not as depressed that Q is away at school.

His blanket fell off the hope he just decided to lay on it on the floor...

"Ummm don't you know I want water"

Like there isn't a WATER BOWL in the KITCHEN. Thank GOODNESS this is the only place he jumps where he shouldn't be. No tables, no counters...just THIS SINK.

His new favorite box....move over Ramen...we think he likes it bc it holds him all in...its very durable. 
"I don't want to see you"

REALLY???  To the left you will see a nice plush blanket...he is sleeping on 1/2 of a towel ON A POWER WASHER NOZZLE. 

The Life of a Chet....

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