Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Christmas Tree Skirt

I finally started working on a Christmas Tress skirt for Christmas 2014
Yes, I know it is February and Christmas is 10 months away.

The pattern was awkward at first. Corrine made me a video to follow but it wouldn't send. 
I was getting ready to call her because no matter how I read it I could 
not picture in my head how it was going to work out.

But before I did, I just sat down and started crocheting...and it worked out. 
This yarn is weird to work with because it is bumpy so it is making
 it hard to see where I am supposed to place stitches. 
SO it is kinda make it up as you go haha.

I was hoping for a more defined tree skirt.
We will see what happens as I go =-)