Saturday, February 22, 2014

FO: Lip Balm Cozy

I joined a CAL (Crochet-a-Long) on Ravelry but it was different than most.
(Well, joined is a strong word....more like "Get over there NOW" LOL
Ok it wasn't quite that drastic....Corrine )
This was a: pick a quick fun project and post a pic LOL

I had the perfect item, project, and yarn!


Yeah because every lip balm and chap-stick need a crocheted holder... hahahaha

The Lucky Lip Balm getting a cozy was ... read that right.....
My fun little Christmas after Christmas gifty from my crochet buddy Corrine.
Yes, the same one who "forced me" into the CAL ;) 

Hook: F
Yarn: Lily Sugars n'Cream cotton in Lava Lamp
Started and Finished on 1/27/14

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