Monday, October 15, 2012

What not to do on vacation...

I'm not going to attempt to put these in order-Hubby and I were both taking pics...
Yeah because my summer could not get any better. I am glad it's now fall...

Preface: I am standing at my sink 8/30/12 in the afternoon thinking- I think we should leave Friday morning...
I guess I should have let that thought leave my brain...too late now....

The entire trip was abnormal for us to begin with. We left on a Thursday, which we never do.
We had an animal with us, nope never done that either. We left at 4ish, but we didn't stop to eat til a lot later than normal. We usually stop at Wendy's about 45 mins into the trip-then stop in Marietta and switch driving from Me to Hubby. We didn't stop for 2 hours, we went to Wendy's and waited FOREVER in line to order...should have went to BK. That put us behind a good 45 minutes. We were making good time too. 
Here were are, excited for a break and to celebrate my Uncle, driving in West Virginia as its getting dark.
No street lights on Route 50 East heading to Clarksburg and it's 65 MPH. 
Drive, Drive, Drive-big ass deer laying almost the full length of the 2 lane road...
A-plow through it 
B- try to go around it's butt in the left hand lane we were driving in

We clear the Deer, hit the brakes and the momentum had no where to go but to spin the back half of my car around. A 2007 HHR has no ABS brakes.
The car spins and we catch the edge of the median and roll twice landing on the roof of the car...I'd probably still be hanging upside down in my car in Salem had my husband not taken control of the situation. 
He says it's not as glamorous as they show in the movies but it does go in slow motion. He can still see the car rolling. Me? I screwed my eyes shut tight holding on to the wheel like a dummy, I probably could have broken my wrists or arms, thinking the whole time I hope this is a dream bc it feels like one bc rolling a car is so unreal. Here I am hanging thinking-guess it's real...BUT the seat belts saved out lives and I am very grateful. Friends are asking Hubby if we will be attending church now- he says we have an Italian Guardian Angel.

The car was still running-upside down. Hubby made sure Q and I were ok. Q was asleep-imagine waking up to that. He was up and out almost at the same time Hubby was asking if he was ok. Q was on the outside prying my door open so we could get out-Hubby's side was not able to open in the position we were in. Q and I only had a few bruises, Hubby has a bruised rotator cuff- which originally was though to have been torn. He has to go for Physical Therapy. But other then that we are good and alive. OH and Huggie was on his first vacation and he lived to tell as well. 
Another unusual occurrence- I almost always have my cell in my pocket or purse...where was it this time? In the door handle...lands in the only puddle in the car...water from the cooler.
Went Saturday and got a new iPhone 4S-weeks before the 5 was to come out so I had to pay $200.00. 
There was a couple who stopped to help us and the tow truck was heading back to the shop for the night and he stopped as well (Nicholson Auto).
The State Trooper who came happened to have worked with my Uncle.
They were all very kind and helpful.
We went and got checked out Friday and picked up our rental-a Toyota Avalon that I was extremely uncomfortable driving. I had a mini meltdown in the Enterprise dealership. They said to come back Saturday and they would try to get me into something I was more comfortable driving-we ended up with a Hyundai Santa Fe which was very nice. Friday night driving was a pretty rough go- I could have done without driving for a while but you have to do what you have to do. I am still pretty anxious driving to this day. I've not been right since. Hubby was worried I'd never drive again. I think my Aunt was too. 

Here are the pics of my car sitting on the side of a mountain where cars go to die apparently.
It has since moved and will be for sale for salvage in Hurricane West Virginia.

We were 20 miles from my Aunts House....I am very thankful  that we are all alive- but still very sad about the death of my very first brand new car...

Q took off pieces parts for me- remember the decal? This is why I didn't have much to say about it...

RIP Cheeto- I will miss you.

Here I am with my first brand new car: 2007 Chevy HHR May of 2007
Pay no attention to the date the camera stamped lol

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