Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Italian Heritage Month! 10/6/12

Did you know that October is national Italian American Heritage month
I have known for a few years and October would come and go and I would forget to bring it up.

This is due to Columbus day...Which is today-so Happy Columbus day too!

We got a new bread machine this week from Amazon.
I was so excite because I had a $25.00 gift card, free shipping and used Discover Card cash back so I was able to get this for $25.00. =) 

I missed my bread machine...

This is my old one 
(I got a major deal on this too when I worked at Kmart more than 7 years ago)
See, what had happened was...
The kneading blade was thrown away at some point.
I think it was stuck in a loaf of bread we didn't finish...I guess that would be karma of some sort LOL
To replace the piece that weighs no more than an ounce, the part was $10.00 (not bad) shipping was another $10.00....yeah....I wasn't paying that much when I knew I could get a brand new one for not much more...
My new one is almost an exact match to my old one, but the new one makes bigger loafs of bread. 

Here is it at work...

Mix, mix, mix

Knead, knead, knead



You can't have fresh bread without macaroni and gravy, right?

Here are our 2 pots plus a pasta pot.

Meatballs in this pot (Mine)

Meat sauce in this one (Hubby's)
It consisted of Ground Beef, Mild Sausage, Sweet Sausuage and Pepperoni-my Uncle's influence...

Buon Appetito!

OMG it was fantastic...

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