Friday, August 8, 2014

FO Friday: Couch Pillow Cover

I decided we needed new pillows for our couch.
Instead of hunting and buying pillows I just made covers and bought 
a pillow form to test out from the store. 
I got the yarn super cheap on, free shipping. 
It is currently in the "test' stage to see if I should make more. =)

 Instead of buttons, I just made a flap like an envelope and tucked it in.

As soon as it was complete I gave it to Q to test
(well actually I gave it to hubby who told me to use it bc I put all that hard work into it)
"I like it, but it needs that fabric softener stuff I think to make it softer, but it's really good" ....

I didn't use a particular pattern, just Half Double Crochet stitches, 55 per row
108 rows, measures 18x14 inches, for a 18 inch square pillow
Started: 7/13/14
Finished: 7/22/14
Hook: I ? Not sure....didn't mare it down
Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable in:
Heather (4 rows each)
 Navy (6 rows each)
 White (2 rows each) 

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