Monday, September 16, 2013

Cedar Point August 3 2013

Lisa and I went to Cedar Point for her Company Picnic! =) 
We had a fun time riding a few rides, eating and people watching. 
We couldn't have ASKED for a better weather day.
It wasn't humid, in the 70's and sunny.

From the Parking Lot


Welcome to Cedar Point!!

The Wicked Twister

(Q's fav) the Windseeker

the beach

Snoopy Land
(Q asked if that's where Lisa and I were going to hang out since I don't ride rides) 

We were going to go on this but the line was long...
than we saw it from another angle.... 
and I was sure glad we didn't go on it!! LOL

Cedar Mines- we rode this =)

A boat coming down the water ride

It wanted to be a foot massage thing...
It was on turbo speed!
I think I will stick to a Hubby Foot Massage...

Plinko to get onto Millennium Force-
on the front cart and to skip to the front of the line.

Power Tower

Iron Dragon- We rode this too

When Q went for school a week later for Marching Band
he almost busted one of the Gondolas...

We ate Fries and Q said we had to go to the slushie maker

I wanted to ride this..until we saw the carts get stuck...
the Gemini
The stuck carts are in the middle of the picture...
(but apparently I can no longer edit photos in Blogger....
This may become a serious issue....)

So we ate an Elephant Ear instead =)

The Ferris Wheel-We rode that =)

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