Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sarah's Birthday Hot Pad

Miss Sarah had a birthday at the end of December- so I wanted to make her something =-)
What better than a useful Pot Holder/ Hot pad. It is double thickness- I used 2 strands of yarn.
I think I need to make myself one soon!

Started & Finished:  12/27/15
Yarn: Lily Sugar n'Cream Cotton- Pink and Purple
Hook: J
Pattern: Starfish Hot Pad by Jo Ann Loftis 
(From a book I got at the Library)

The pattern is 7 rows- but I skipped row 6 and went straight to 7 because it seemed big enough since I went up in hook size. The Hot pad curled a bit- so I hope as she uses it, it flattens out because of the heat from the dishes. 

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