Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP of a differnt kind...Yarn Box

So I wanted a box for in the living room for any projects I am working on since my cat's have a thing for eating blankets...(specifically that beautiful gray cat pictured below) 

We were at Mom's during the weekend of Mother's day and I saw this box in the basement and thought hmmm that might work...I was told it was mine and my brothers old toy box...but alas, I never had a toy box haha so it must have been his. I do recall seeing it in the attic once...

Brought it in the house and this is what happened.:

Apparently what is mine is their's... LOL 

It measures about 28.5 x 14.5 and 11 inches deep.
I wiped it down over Memorial Day weekend...SO Hubby asks
"Did you use furniture polish on that box?"
Oops haha

I did, but after I did one side I immediately put down a towel...
But it didn't work as well as I wanted it too haha.
Our wooden floors might or might not be a little slick

Old Time Rock n'Roll, anyone??

It was gross and when I had the lid up Chet jumped into it...I thought the bottom was going to fall out...
It's a good thing yarn isn't too heavy...well in the quantity I may or may not have it might be... 

So- like I said I thought the cat was going to break the bottom bc it's not wood like the rest (?) 
It has some weird grease stain or something on the bottom too...
I want to make a liner for it (good luck here since I don't know how to sew...)
and these are the final 4 choices I have it narrowed down to:

I am thinking I don't want the bottom 2 anymore so I might make 2 liners haha
Once I have a plan that is... 
It can't be that hard, right??

To be continued...

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